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The Las Vegas of India, Goa stands to be the most popular destination during summer vacations. Indians and foreigners who love to book budget hotels in Goa experience the salty waters of the Arabian sea. Goa can be divided into three sections, North, South, and Panjim. Panjim is the capital of goa and sits right between the northern and southern halves. North goa Is famous for being a cheap party destination with beautiful beaches and flea markets. South goa, on the other hand, is known for the peace and serenity. Winter is the round corner everyone is gearing up making plans to visit their dream winter location. India is consistently ranked as the one of the best countries to travel on cheap. India as everything that a budget traveller wishes for.
Goa is truly a magical place to go with friends/family or solo. While planning a trip to the beautiful landscape you can consider budget hotels in Goa that have various useful amenities and services that can be beneficial. One can enjoy the variety of water sports on Bagga beach that includes paragliding, Banana ride, parasailing, Diving and snorkelling ETC... Each and every moment you enjoy in Goa will be memorable as not only the place are awesome but the people of Goa is friendly, helpful and supporting in nature.
If you're a seafood lover or wanted to party hard with your friends, Goa is the only place wherein nights no one sleeps. You can see handsome crowd near mambos and Tito's clubs and can enjoy a beautiful candlelight cheap dinner with your loved ones on the beach with the dim light of the moon. Rainbow Hospitality guarantees the best budget hotels in Goa with high reviews ratings and ranking that can be very hard to find on any other website. 

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