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Why serviced apartment
At Serviced Apartments the amenities we provide are selected to provide you comfort after a hard day of work.

We provide comfortable, luxury housing for all your needs at better rates, 30% - 40% cheaper than a luxury hotel, and amenities that are no less in comparison. With food that can be made to your choice to services that can be customized to suit your budget, we offer one stop solution to all your needs for your stay in most of the major cities in India. This could be your choice of stay for your work or vacation and your stay will be tailored to your requirements. 

Comparison of Hotels  v/s  Serviced Apartment 
Old Standard 
Hotels are Costlier
Less Space
1 Room Space= 200-250 Sq.ft 
2 Room Space= 400-500 Sq.ft
3 Room Space= 600-750 Sq.ft 
No Living Room
No Privacy For Bedroom
No Proper Sitting Place
Accommodating Guest for tea/ Meeting is not Convenient
No Kitchen
Heavy Food Bills 
Same Restaurant Food
The Food is cooked in the Restaurant Style ….
eg: oily / Spices
You cannot monitor u r food quality , eg, oil/spice .vegetables
Old Option
If sick , suffers work/holiday
Home Sick
You are fit , enjoy u r Work / Holiday
Expatitrates/ NRI/ Foreigners, International Travelers, Some times fall Sick due to food , as it is not of there Specification
Serviced Apartments 
New Preferred Choice
Save more than 50 to 60% of Hotels
2-3 times More Space
1 Bedroom Apartment Space =500 to 650 Sq.ft 
2 Bedroom Apartment Space=900 to 1200 Sq.ft 
3 Bedroom Apartment Space=1400 to 2600 Sq.ft 
Living Room
Privacy of Bedroom
Proper sitting Place in the Living room
Accommodating Guest for tea/ Meeting is Very Convenient
Less Cost Food Bills
Multiple Restaurant Food
Spices / Oil As per your taste
Same Restaurant Food
your Food Quality is Monitored
New Preferred Choice
You are fit , enjoy u r Work / Holiday
Feel at home 
Customized solution as per your Choice
Food is of u r taste/choice, So your health is Maintained
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