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Service apartment properties in PONDICHERRY

Want to enjoy Pondicherry with a different experience in your stay? Then look at our luxurious villas, bungalows, vacation homes, holiday homestays in Pondicherry. Our Pondicherry holiday homes are in the best location to enjoy vacation in Pondicherry

Our leisure properties in Pondicherry are designed in a way that you will feel the luxury of hotel stay. All ourPondicherry leisure properties, villas, holidays rented homes are well furnished and well equipped with all modern amenities. To enjoy your vacation in Pondicherry, we have greatest and luxurious leisure properties in Pondicherry. These rented vacation homes and villas are located very close to all tourist spots and beaches in Pondicherry.

Anandha Rangapillai Nagar Serviced Apartments
property image

AC: Yes

Internet: Yes

CarParking: Not mentioned

Single Occupancy: Not mentioned

Periya Mudaliyarchavadi, Serviced Apartments
property image

AC: Yes

Internet: Not mentioned

CarParking: Yes

Single Occupancy: 2000/-

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