3-star hotels in Deira Dubai

List of few 3-star hotels in Deira Dubai

The stunning city of Dubai was previously a desert. Now it has been built into a sprawling complex consisting of all sort of modern innovations and fearless advancement for the future.

The artists who decorated Dubai are always looking forward to materializing their innovative ideas and bring them to life. No matter if it is technological innovations or innovations related to art and architecture. The area named Deira in Dubai depicts a fantastic blend of ancient and modern art forms.

The three-star hotels located in this place offers a great way of exploring different parts of this city. Deira being a traditional commercial center of Dubai has close proximity to that of Dubai Creek which facilitates the movement of goods. But Dubai once was just a center for business activities, now it has given birth to numerous 3-star hotels in Deira.

From hotels having good connectivity to hotels that overlooks expansive creek, the 3-star hotels offer a unique experience to its visitors. These hotels are breaking the myth that Dubai is a city for rich. These hotels offer accommodation fitting all kind of budgets.

3-star hotels in Deira Dubai

Here we have come up with a list of some of the best 3-star hotels in Deira, Dubai.

Star City Hotel

This is one of the most popular accommodation options in Deira, Dubai. This place is known for offering a hassle-free and comfortable stay. This 3-star property impresses everyone irrespective of age. This hotel boasts modern decor with elegant furnishings. A perfect blend of modern and tradition makes this place unique.

Benta Grand Hotel Dubai

This lavish 3-star property in Dubai has captivating interiors along with top class amenities. This hotel is a perfect choice for travelers of all kind. Be it business travelers or tourists this hotel is perfect for all. This property has very convenient and comfortable accommodation options along with modern amenities.

Dream palace hotel, Dubai

If you are looking for a relaxed and comfortable stay then this place is for you. This impressive 3-star hotel is home to numerous eating joints, shopping malls, hotels and what not? This property attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Those who are in search of a wonderful escape must find a resort to this place.

Kings Park Hotel

Located in Dubai this hotel is among the most impressive hotels offering a pleasant stay to its guests. This hotel offers a stress-free vacation to its guests. They are equipped with friendly staffs who will greet their customers with a smile. Also, this hotel offers numerous facilities and modern amenities. Thus, making the stay memorable.

Mayfair Hotel, Dubai

Mayfair Hotel, Dubai

Located at a central position in Deira, this hotel is quite cost-effective. This luxurious 3-star hotel offers pleasant shelter to its guests who come to visit Dubai. This place boasts an impressive architectural style, also offers private relaxing lodges to families, couples and solo travelers. This is mainly a family hotel consisting of all modern amenities.

Hotel Ibis Dubai AI Rigga

This 3-star property is located in the AI RIgga road, Dubai. This is another elegantly structured and convenient lodging. This place is popular among honeymooners, couples and families. The perfect location of the place along with efficient staffs ensure that you have a great start to your vacation. This hotel offers the right value for your money. Comprising of all the amenities for serving its guests this place is the best to explore the modern city of Dubai.

Fortune pearl

Located near to all popular spots of Dubai this hotel is also quite popular among travelers. All kind of travelers, be it, business travelers or leisure travelers, everyone can enjoy here. This hotel provides numerous amenities at a budget-friendly price.

Sadaf Hotel Dubai

This hotel is located at a central point in Deira, Dubai. It is a beautiful 3-star hotel that offers its guests a very comfortable and memorable stay. It is located quite close to the square metro station. If you are looking for a memorable holiday in Dubai, you can visit this hotel. It offers a very comfortable shelter for all its guests. This hotel is equipped with professional staffs who are always on their toes so that travelers can enjoy their stay here at their fullest.

List of few 3-star hotels in Deira Dubai

Broadway Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This hotel located in Deira is committed to offering a delightful stay in the United Arab Emirates. No matter if you are a business or leisure travel, you will get a very comfortable stay here. It boasts a massage, spa, and wellness center for all its guests so that they can relax and have an extraordinary stay in Dubai. This boutique hotel located close to shopping centers is one of the safest and secure properties in this area.

California Hotel Dubai

This place boasts a beautiful state of the art accommodations. It has 41 spacious rooms in different categories. These include single and double rooms. This hotel is extremely classy along with furnished air-conditioned rooms, the hotel has simple decor. The beautifully decorated rooms come with a minibar and coffee or tea making facilities. Also, the rooms consist of private bathrooms that have hair dryers and shower facilities.

Landmark Plaza Hotel Dubai

This impressive 3-star hotel offers all its guests a very comfortable and relaxing stay. It is located near AI Nasser Square Deira, this hotel offers a very comfortable shelter to all couples, business, and families. This place not only features banqueting and meeting facilities but also comes with a restaurant bar. Apart from boasting comfortable accommodations, this hotel has a 24-hour desk and free high-speed internet facilities.