Best time to visit Bali and places to visit.

Best time to visit Bali and places to visit

Bali lying so close to the equator remains warm throughout the year. However, surprisingly, there’s a large amount of difference between its two seasons – summers and rainy season. Both seasons come with their respective pros and cons. In this article we will be discussing the best season when you should visit this place, also we will give you a comprehensive idea of what places you should visit in Bali. Read on.

May to Oct

From May to October Bali has a dry season. During this time of the year, dry air from Australia is carried along by the Southeast winds. From September onwards the average number of rainy days and stickiness in Bali increases. The dry season in Bali is accompanied by warm, blue sky days and lovely cool breezes in the evening. The benefits of visiting Bali during those dry days are many. These are marked by less humid temperature, you can do great surfing along Bali’s west coast even the weather condition for diving is also good during this time. Also, if you enjoy trekking then this is the best time you can engage in this activity in Bali.

However, during this time prices remain very high and the place remains very crowded. It is best if you can visit Bali in the months of May, June or September. If you are looking for a relaxed and less expensive tour.

Don’t Miss

You must give a dawn trek up Mount Batur a try. The experience of this comparatively easy trek at the top of the ancient volcano is magical. From here you can watch the amazing sunrise over three consecutive volcano peaks. Mt. Rinjani, Mt. Agung, and Mt. Abang in the Lombok neighborhood.

Best time to visit Bali and places to visit.

November to April

During this time it’s hot and humid in Bali. Travelers might find themselves with sweaty armpits and people during this time look for air conditioning in order to get relief from the worst day heat. However, Bali is Bali, even when the rainy season is reigning Bali still makes a terrific holiday destination. The pros of visiting Bali during the rainy season is that it remains less crowded and cheaper too. Then it is easier to get a table at Bali’s best restaurants and at the top-rated beach clubs. Every villa and resort offers discounted rates.

During this time Bali’s temperature remains around 31 degrees on an average. However, the climate is humid with an overcast sky. The wettest month being December and January.

During this wet season, you can opt for different types of holidays in Bali. How about spending an entire day pampering yourself in a spa? Allamanda and frangipani bath at the heavenly spa at Maya Ubud feels magical. The rainy season is the time when you can take good advantages of the water. White water rafting sounds great. If you are an adventurer at heart then you will prefer swimming, climbing and rappelling yourself through Bali’s wet gorges. You can also go for canyoning in this season. During this time canyoning can be done at its best since Bali’s river, hidden volcanic gorges and valleys remain filled with water.

Floating gives an out of the world pleasure during rainy and dry seasons. At the time of floating in a gorgeous pool overlooking the Indian Ocean, it feels like heaven.

Don’t miss

River rafting through Bali’s longest river, the Ayung should not be missed. Ayung being a calm river makes rafting a scenic floating tour.

In the rainy season due to rise in water levels, the river rafting offers more of an adrenaline rush. When in Bali you ought to disconnect yourself from the city life and enjoy the peace of Nyepi Day – Balinese New Year. This day of silence only occurs in Bali. on this particular day, everyone stays indoors and enjoy the food and beverages that remains open in hotels and villas.

Lights and candles are lit, thus giving rise to a beautiful ambiance. Before the celebration of this annual day, cleansing ceremonies occur in villages and streets. Nyepi eve is marked by a huge procession which takes place in villages. Here the representation of characters is used that is meant to drive away from the evil spirits from Bali for one year.