Best hotels in Mauritius

Best hotels in mauritius you should check when visiting Mauritius

Mark Twain once rightly stated that Mauritius was created first and then heaven. Mauritius famed for its luxury resorts, beautiful beaches, and sapphire waters has so much to offer than just beach, it’s a place that can offer you the best rewards and the Best hotels in Mauritius. This place blends adventure and relaxation.

The turquoise waters are perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, boat trips and many more. It does not end here, the fun continues on dry land as well, here you can enjoy canyoning, rock climbing or a tour of the Moka mountains by quad bike.

Mauritius has accommodations ranging from cozy guests houses to luxury beachfront hotels scattered all over the island. Here we have come up with a list of some of the budgeted and Best hotels in Mauritius to stay. Let’s find out.

Tropical Attitude

Located in the Royal Road, Mauritius, this property is best known for its tropical interiors combining palm trees and lagoons in its periphery. It boasts a friendly environment, an Indian restaurant and an experimental blend of drinks. If you are looking for hotels that offer Indian food, this place is the best option.

Tariff: INR 9900

Beachcomber Le Canonnier

This hotel located on a historical peninsula has beautiful interiors and cannons around. This place is very near to shopping and entertainment complexes thus it is among the Best hotels in Mauritius.

Tariff: INR 9900

Friday Attitude

This place is for both honeymoon couples and families. Everyone irrespective of their age can enjoy a leisurely vacation at this hotel in Mauritius. Friday Attitude has a typical Mauritius interior design and contemporary furniture. You can either go on a romantic date with your better half or enjoy a delicious lunch with your family at the beach. It is open to all options and among the Best hotels in Mauritius.

Tariff: INR 9900

Silver Beach Hotel

This hotel has a picturesque garden with pathways that resemble the stairways of heaven. This budget hotel in Mauritius is worth your money. It offers the best view of the islet and among the Best hotels in Mauritius.

Tariff: INR 8000

Klondike Hotel

Also known as the Jewel of the west coast, this hotel is situated very near to the coast. The comfortable rooms at such reasonable value, the stunning sunset, the beach, all these can make your vacation remarkable and is among the Best hotels in Mauritius.

Tariff: INR 6500

Hotel Cocotiers

This small hotel located in the Mauritius capital lies close to popular sightseeing and excursion sights. This hotel serves some of the lip-smacking food and beverages.

Tariff: INR 2600

If you are still wondering whether you should book tickets or if this foreign vacation will dig a big hole in your pockets, keep all thoughts aside and go for it. We at Rainbow Hospitality assure you this vacation will be something worth remembering. The above list of hotels is fully equipped with all facilities so that their visitors can stay at ease. These low-cost hotels are very convenient and will allow you to enjoy your vacation at full swing. In fact, some of them offer services and facilities that are beyond expectations. Pack your bags now. Enjoy!