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Why taking a break from social media can be good

Undoubtedly, social media forms a significant part of our daily life. Cultures like tweets and snaps define our generation. Millions of people are there who can’t even think about not updating their Facebook status. Although fun and useful, this social media is also very addictive. Thus a question arises, is it justified to spend so much time on social media? Do social media really benefit us? This article attempts to show you the reasons why you should limit the time you spend on social media.

Social media isolate you from the real world

Once you log into social media you will be on it for few hours. It is irresistible. Although social media is a helpful tool for connecting and networking with people, but spending too much time on it will make you feel disconnected with the real world. These days feeling alone and being alone are rapidly rising. Our face to face interaction has decreased, we hardly have any meaningful connection, friends. Loneliness is grasping us. This loneliness apart from being a mental state, psychological state of mind goes deeper to weaken our immune system.

It encourages you to be competitive in a negative way

All of us have those friends who post their pictures on Instagram and get 200 likes. You also try to make it up to that level, but end up receiving only one like. Everyone is competitive but there are many who fall prey to the drive of getting more likes and followers, etc. It is really dangerous that we give it a chance to define our worth as human beings. There is no social media post that can validate your worth as a person.

Social media is Pretentious

The world of social media is based on pretensions. People portray themselves on social media in the same way they want to be seen. They pretend to have perfect relationships, perfect home, perfect office, perfect family. That is why you see their perfect photographs. Which again makes you compare yourself to those people and you wonder how and why their lives are so perfect and happy and why your life is not perfect. In fact, a study proves that social comparison has a huge role in instigating depression. This study has found that if you spend more time on social media, you will feel more depressed.

It is an addiction

These days we tend to use the word “addicted” frequently. But this word has a deeper meaning. Something turns into a legitimate addiction when it has a negative effect on the person’s life. When something becomes so important that a person’s daily activity and function are affected by it, it is called addiction. Social media is that addiction which stems from FOMO or the fear of missing out.

As we are diving deeper into Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, many significant reasons to take a break from social media are coming into prominence. A recent research out of the Pittsburgh University reveals a correlation between depression and the time spent on social media. According to this study time spent on social media is directly proportional to the cause of depression