Ways to survive an unplanned vacation

Ways to survive an Unplanned Vacation

We all know when we going on a vacation. If you are unmarried, then it depends on your boss’s whims to sanction your leave and if married, then add your spouse’s name to the whim list. For the ones with kids, it’s either a summer break or winter break, once all the school holiday homework is done with! And it starts, you plan.

Plan to have fun, plan to enjoy, plan to spend, plan to savor gourmet meals, plan and plan, and so forth. But there’s always that hidden desire to just Go! Pack and go, on an unplanned vacation to Goa is a good idea for starters.

So, let’s go…unplanned it is!

While planning comes with its own merits, not planning comes with its share of adventure, and some pretty amazing stories to be shared later. Here’s my guide to survive an unplanned vacation to Ooty, Coorg, Guwahati or any other dream destination you have.

  • Unplanned holiday is not to be confused with the unplanned budget. Set your budget before you travel. Make sure you carrying your credit/debit cards and always have some contingency cash available.

  • Even an unplanned holiday to Shimla or a close-by destination needs a photo identity. Sounds like really dumb advice, right? Well, wrong. You will stay a whole lot out of trouble if you can show that you are who you say you are!

  • Accept the challenge an unplanned vacation will pop at you. Not getting the hotel room you want? Look for other options, after all, you didn’t come on a vacation to stay cooped up in the room!

  • Travel Light! When traveling unplanned, you really don’t know when you feel the need to head back home. So, travel with essential clothing and accessories as a priority. Lesser the baggage, lesser the burden of moving it around, you can always pick something if you need.

  • If it’s a driving trip you plan to take, get the car serviced. I know it sounds planned, but you can make it up by deciding the destination last minute. Here especially, if traveling alone or with company understand how much to drive and where to take the stops. An unplanned vacation to Ooty or Coorg that includes a road trip traversing the cool lush forest will leave you fresh and zesty!

  • Unplanned holidays do come with their fair share of mishaps; missing flights and trains, not in time for activities, or it could just rain the entire time. Take it in your stride and stay relaxed. Try breathing exercises and think of other unplanned things you want to try.

  • An unplanned vacation to Guwahati, for instance, takes away the mental agony of planning and cramming your itinerary of the ‘things to do.’ Don’t complain about anything, go with the flow. Spend as much as time you deem necessary at a place of your choice. Just walking through the colorful city, meandering up and down its street is good for the mind. The ancient city of Guwahati is rich in architectural aesthetics. Never mind, if you could not get a single tick against the ‘must visit’ places to see

  • Now for the boring part, may even take some adventure out of your holiday. Safety. Safety is not negotiable. Certain places of your unplanned vacation might work better alone than with family!

The easiest way to survive an unplanned vacation to Coorg, sunny Goa or cool Shimla is to tone down the expectations and go with the flow. Vacationing alone, or with friends and family, sharing a similar goal of enjoying an unplanned holiday is important. So, holiday with those, who only want to holiday and discover the fun of unplanned!