15 destinations for first time backpackers-Rainbow Hospitality

15 destinations for first time backpackers

One of the most popular traveling options for travelers is backpacking. Backpacking across the globe not only provides memories of a lifetime but also broadens one’s horizon. This unique experience can turn your life upside down, can give you the most ravishing experience of your life. Are you in need of a new adventure in your life? Take some time from your busy schedule and see the world this way. This article provides a list of fifteen amazing destinations for first-time backpackers.


Urban City ,Naples-Rainbow Hospitality

Urban City , Naples-Rainbow Hospitality

A sophisticated, charming and popular beach destination on the Gulf of Mexico is Naples. This place is surrounded by grand architecture, elegant and relaxing atmosphere and beautiful neighborhood. If you are a sports enthusiast you can pursue your favorite activities from golf to tennis to fishing. The flourishing wetland of the city, the pristine beaches, have a charm of their own.


Boatrace, Kerala-Rainbow Hospitality

Boatrace, Kerala-Rainbow Hospitality

Kerala, the land of platonic beauty, the land of rich cultures and traditions consist of innumerable flora and fauna, this place is also known as the paradise of India. It is one of the most preferred places by the travelers from every corner of the world.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island Waterfall, Korea

Jeju Island Waterfall, Korea-Rainbow Hospitality

Jeju island, Korea offers activities like hiking on half San, riding horses, various marine activities to its visitors. This place is perfect for a traveler who is a sports enthusiast.


Budha Statues, Thailand-Rainbow Hospitality

Budha Statues, Thailand-Rainbow Hospitality

This place is very popular not only among backpackers but also among various another tourist worldwide. This place will make you feel safe because it attracts numerous people from all over the world, in case you get lost, fellow travelers can come to your help.


St. francis Xaviers church - Old Goa-Rainbow Hospitality

St. francis Xaviers church – Old Goa-Rainbow Hospitality

Eclectic nightlife, the shores, the tranquility of sea breeze, luscious glasses of feni are sure to make you fall in love with Goa over and over again. From soaking in the splendid views of the sunset to walking on the white sand, the beauty and charm of Goa are mesmerizing.


Shimla-Rainbow Hospitality

Shimla-Rainbow Hospitality

Shimla doesn’t need any description. It’s high hills and heavenly beauty is busy in telling their stories all the time. The mountain tracks are spectacular and unique to anything. Stunning rich greenery, great snow-clad mountains, wonderful lakes welcome you to make the most of their eternal beauty and magnificence.


Abby Waterfalls in Coorg - Rainbow Hospitality

Abby Waterfalls in Coorg – Rainbow Hospitality

With the backdrop of the singing waterfall and the blue mountains, Coorg stands out amongst most of the adored trekking destinations. This place with its entrancing picturesque mountains and magnificence forest and streams calls travelers from far and wide so that they can investigate the beauty. From coffee plantation to spice plantation, this affluent hill station attracts people from all over the world.


Ooty Lake, Rainbow Hospitality

Ooty Lake, Rainbow Hospitality

This place also known as the queen of Nilgiris locates amidst the greenery. Ooty situating at an altitude of 2500 meters have foggy weather along with the cool breeze. If you are a nature lover you will love this place because of its scenic beauty. This soothing destination is very close to nature.


Kamakhya Temple Guwahati - Rainbow Hospitality

Kamakhya Temple Guwahati – Rainbow Hospitality

The gateway to northeast India, Guwahati is the paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. This place has India’s finest wildlife sanctuary having the largest number of Bengal tigers and one-horned rhinoceroses, which is known as the Kaziranga national park.


Tower Bridge London - Rainbow Hospitality

Tower Bridge London – Rainbow Hospitality

London being the world’s most visited city tops the list of the best-traveling destinations. Life in London is exciting and travelers find that one visit can’t cover everything this old city can offer.


Eiffel Tower, Paris-Rainbow Hospitality

Eiffel Tower, Paris-Rainbow Hospitality

This place with its unforgettable ambiance draws millions of visitors every year. The vast art collection, the divine cuisines, the heavenly beauty deserve all the credit. The river seine flows through the city which is surrounded by stately museums, old churches, and beautiful neoclassic design architecture.


Tokyo Tower, Japan-Rainbow Hospitality

Tokyo Tower, Japan-Rainbow Hospitality

The word that can best describe this city is perhaps the word “animated”. Tokyo is obsessed with its anime and believes in progress and motion.


Merville Beach, Mauritius-Rainbow Hospitality

Merville Beach, Mauritius-Rainbow Hospitality

With enthrall beaches, powdery white sands and warm waters Mauritius is a famous tourist destination. This place is perceived by most people as a dream holiday destination. If you are thinking of backpacking to Mauritius plan your trip in advance because many people consider this place very expensive.


Royal Palace,Gold,Bangkok,Thailand-Rainbow Hospitality

Royal Palace, Gold, Bangkok, Thailand-Rainbow Hospitality

This exotic and vibrant place shows an exciting reconciliation between tradition and modern. Thailand’s capital is a Colorful, pulsating metropolis having a tourist attraction in every corner.


South Miami Beach, Florida-Rainbow Hospitality

South Miami Beach, Florida-Rainbow Hospitality

Although a trip to Florida doesn’t come cheap but if you plan your trip in advance and follow few helpful money saving tips, it is not impossible.

Travelling is all about learning, it’s about educating yourself about the world, about life. It has endless lessons to teach. Each and every place in the world has a charm of their own. You will know what we are talking about if you have ever backpacked. If you are a traveler at heart, you must fulfill your dream of traveling the world. This life is not meant for compromising your dreams.