Planning a stress free vacation

Planning a Stress Free Vacation

A different day, not part of the routine; fun, adventure, scrumptious local delicacies’, sight-seeing and relaxation are all that we all look forward too when on a vacation. And yet, the planning is always fraught with ‘What to do and How to do.’ This distress also tends to spill into the holidays.

Planning a stress-free vacation is really not that hard. A few simple measures and you are on your way to plenty of fun and frolic.

Know What You Want

Unless you planning a holiday abroad, keep your vacations short, not more than ten days. To get the best rates, book in advance and zero down on your activities and stay. Be clear about you looking for; adventure, just relaxation, plenty of sight-seeing, exploring or all of it. Once you know what you want, it will be fun all the way!

Budget Your Holiday

Every bit of fun will fly out the window if you run out of money during your holiday or end up with a huge bill afterward. Plan how much spend and on what. Do keep in mind that not all places accept cards, so carrying liquid cash is always a good option. Not every vacation needs to be an expensive sojourn. Take more than one holiday in a year; some weekends and some longer. This way you can always save up to your dream destination.

Travel Agency or DIY

You can leave your entire holiday planning to a travel agency or simply do-it-yourself. Make sure you use a reliable agency for your travel needs and do check out the reviews of their services. You could get some interesting discounts and goodies. However, a point to keep in mind while booking yourself in group tours is to ask for like-minded people. You don’t want to spend your time negotiating through everyone else’s needs. If you are a DIY person, check ahead for all hotels, homestays, restaurants, cabs, and places to visit.

Don’t Plan the Fun, Be Flexible

Don’t turn your holiday into a checklist. Be relaxed with your itinerary. It’s alright to change your mind about skipping a few things or adding new ones. While traveling with family, especially kids, one needs to be flexible enough. Your kids might not really think it’s a great idea to be up at 4 in the morning to catch a sunrise.

Pack Light

Pack for a holiday, not for a lifetime. Keep in the mind the weather and places you plan to visit. Especially footwear, for they occupy the most space. So whether it’s a beach in Goa or the hilltops of Ooty and Coorg, comfortable clothing and footwear will make you happy. It always works best if you pay heed to the cultural aspect of your holiday destination too. Make sure you carry your medication and all travel papers.

Planning a stress-free vacation can add a whole lot of joy to you and your family. Make sure that you enjoy your time. Limited usage of your phone or other gadgets is really essential. So keep your phone at bay and enjoy the wonders of this beautiful world.