Advantage of Solo Traveling

Advantages of Travelling Solo

By myself.

The most day sounds so good!

In thoughts, a solo travel conjures up all sorts of visions; standing atop a hill, edging over a cliff, swirls of waves swishing around the feet.

In reality, for most traveling by yourself seems far-fetched. A thing to be done by others, other lonely people. Not anymore. The world of traveling has opened up many avenues for the Solo Traveler.

By myself, now is strictly about myself. To explore, experience, and live on your own terms. If I just have to mention the advantages of traveling solo, I probably run out of ink. But here’s a few, to propel you to your own sojourn.

Just You

A holiday with family and friends is always wonderful. But the traversing through their needs and wants is enough to weigh you down. The me-time is never happening. Traveling solo lets you connect to yourself and to your own needs. The ‘new spontaneous you’ will be your happy surprise. You decide your own road, and that alone is empowering.

Your Own Itinerary

Holidaying solo lets you decide whether you want to smell the coffee in Coorg, walk through the dense Nilgiris forest in Ooty or simply soak your feet in Goan waves. A leisurely walk extended into another hour without the worry of hurrying up to get everyone moving is a luxury. You could spend all the time you want exploring and admiring the architectural delights of a single lamppost in the park! Your own itinerary helps you move out of your comfort zone. Planning for yourself and trying something new will boost your confidence like nothing else.


By yourself, you decide what to spend on and how much to. It’s quite liberating to spend just on yourself rather than four others. This will help you to enjoy your own interests. No negotiations, no compromise. Since you manage your own finances, it opens you up to being a money wise traveler. You answer to no one, for small or big spend.

Better Perspective

When you travel solo, you see the world from your eyes and not that of your partner. The shells collected from a beach in Goa or any other shores will be meaningful to you for they will come with memories and thoughts that only belong to you. The need to share and express with others ceases the moment you travel by yourself. You can completely turn unto yourself. That’s inner peace. Isn’t it something that we search for every day?

New Friends from a New World

When we travel with friends and family, we rarely look out of our circle. But alone, we tend to drop our inhibitions and become more receptive. Give it a try, you will see, you will smile back more when a stranger smiles at you!

So, what still stops us from traveling alone, especially women? The fear of being caught up in a difficult situation.

Start small. Do the weekend first and then extend your days as you get more confident. There are good, reliable travel companies that will help you with your planning, even personalizing your holiday. And yes, some places and situations just need basic instincts and common sense.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from traveling solo. The world is waiting to be explored, only by you and in your own way!