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Ways to Enjoy a Long-Haul International Flight

We all have booked international cheap flights online and are just excited to go on our next adventure, but there is one problem (or challenge), LONG-HAUL International flights, 12-15-hour flights which can make your trip very boring. To curb your boredom, we have listed out 4 ways by which you can utilize and adapt in order to make your flight more interesting and yeah, (kind of interesting :)-

  1) Watch as many movies as you can- Yes, this works, it really works, I know you must be thinking and I quote "yeah, I watch movies but not many", that's what you have to do, watch at least 4 movies to boost your flight time, Me and my buddies have done that, we watched at least 5 movies! :)

   2) Pick the perfect seat for yourself before boarding- Ahhh, my legs ain't fittin! This voice can come after you are 'allocated' a wrong seat on the flight which every human can connect with you if they have got one. You can avoid this unfortunate event by doing a web check-in and choose the best seat on which you can spend your whole roller-coaster.  

  3) Book your preferred meal when booking your ticket- before booking international cheap flights online, increase your budget and check mark your preferred meal which you can enjoy on your flight. Trust me, food can curb your boredom guys. If flights don't give you an option to choose your favorite meal, carry something from the airport to eat on the flight. All the best for that.  

  4) Do you read books? Reading books is a very 'time-passing' thing you can do on a flight. I haven't done it personally but I know my friends who have read a whole book during their flights!! I was amazed because I can't even move past the first chapter. Read and take books which you can complete within the flight's duration. Like 'HARRY POTTER'? With that said, we have the last BONUS TIP for you, when you book international cheap flights online, try to book the cheapest one, this would help you to enjoy your flight more as it won't let your mind think and regret of booking costly flight :).

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